Maybe it’s because of a shift in strategy. Maybe it’s due to a lack of relevant content. Maybe they never meant to subscribe to you in the first place…


That’s where your unsubscribe page enters the picture. This little page will either be the last thing your subscriber sees from your company, or the first step to a reinvigorated relationship.

Let’s dive in and learn how to set up a good unsubscribe page.

First, you need to understand that the reason your visitors are landing on this page isn’t by accident. They’re actively trying to unsubscribe from you. So making it more difficult for them to do so is a huge no. And it won’t make them any less likely to unsubscribe—it’ll just make them less likely to喜欢你。

That means you should never:

  • Hide unsubscribe buttons
  • 强迫他们填写所需的字段
  • 需要登录或密码
  • Trick users into re-subscribing

我在e you’ve come across these tactics in your own travels. And I doubt they’ve ever worked on you, either. Authenticity is a major driver of inbound marketing, as “faking it” provides zero value to either side. But engaging your un-subscribers in an honest way can go further than you think.

At this point, you’re probably asking:

“How am I supposed to persuade them to say if they’ve already made up their mind?”

与观众建立联系的最佳方法之一是通过情感 - 通常可以摆动的话。一些顶级的取消订阅页面已经制作了,以使观众笑出来。但这对每个公司或组织都不起作用。bob全站app


Making them feel bad for unsubscribing can be funny, as long as you don’t cross a line. And that line is,让他们退订。归根结底,无论原因如何,如果他们想离开,他们都应该能够。您为什么要浪费努力,无论如何都对您的内容不感兴趣?不要隐藏按钮,也不要使用倒文。使其变得容易明显。

But also give them a reason they should stay. Remind them of all the wonderful content you provide. Give them some of your top eBooks or offers for free. Throw in a one-time discount coupon on a product or service they can use (with some “limited time only” appeal). Even allowing them to pause their subscription if they feel their email is out of control can help the situation. You just need to test different variables to see what works best with your audience.


1) Ask Them Why and What They Would’ve Liked to See




仅仅因为订户想看到less of you并不意味着他们想完全切断联系。很多时候,他们希望更改他们从您那里收到的内容的频率或类型(取决于您的订阅过程)。

Maybe they only find value in one of your ongoing email blast, but want to unsubscribe from the other options? Give them the ability to do just that. If you’re able to meet them in the middle, they may decide to stick around longer.


Leading your subscriber to a blank page with a single link to unsubscribe isn’t exactly the best way to let your visitor know they’re important to you. The goal is to evoke an emotional response that resonates with your audience. HubSpot’s famous unsubscribe page does just this, using both humor and sadness to try and keep customers coming back



4) Personalize Your Unsubscribe Page Using Smart Fields

Another way to make an impact on your unsubscribe rate is through the use of smart fields that give the page a personalized look and feel based on the user accessing it. Whether that means opening with the first name of the intended unsubscriber, or offering content and resources based on previous field entries and interests, this can help persuade the user to hang on longer than they usually would.


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What do you think? There are countless ways to tweak your unsubscribe page for better results. What are your favorite strategies or approaches to your unsubscribe page? Humor? Sadness? Incentives? Let us know below!

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