In an effort to make the user search experience easier and more direct, Google created SERP features, on-page content that gives users answers to their queries without requiring them to click into an organic result. Although on-page SERP features are optimal for the user, they can make it harder for marketers to get noticed in organic search results, even when they're ranking #1. Access Now: 21 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021


Today, here’s what you get when you search “pizza”:



作为营销人员,必须了解新的SERP功能至关重要。有机排名第一的排名不如以前的可见性,因此,营销人员必须充分利用Google SERP工具来了解他们如何排名更高。




A rich snippet contains more information than a normal snippet does, including pictures, reviews, or customer ratings. You can recognize a rich snippet as any organic search result that provides more information than the title of the page, the URL, and the metadescription. Site operators can add structured data markup to their HTML to help search engines understand their website and optimize for a rich snippet. The Starbucks app, for example, includes customer ratings and pricing within the search description.





Universal results are Google’s合并结果的方法从其其他垂直列(例如Google Images和Google News)进入搜索结果。bob官网官方网站通用结果的一个普遍示例是Google的特色片段,该摘要在页面顶部的盒子中提供了答案,因此理想情况下,用户不必单击任何有机结果。图像结果和新闻结果是其他示例。bob官网官方网站

Local SERP:


Local SERPs appear any time your search intent implicitly relates to location. For example, if you type in "restaurants", "gas station", or the name of a specific product sold in stores, Google will surface locations near you that match your query, and show you exactly where you can find them on a map.


Vertical search is the box that appears at the top of the page when your search requires Google to pull from other categories, like images, news, or video. Typically, vertical search relates to topical searches like geographical regions -- for example, when you search “Columbia, South Carolina,” Google delivers a “Things to do in Columbia” box, along with a “Columbia in the News” box.

Knowledge Graph data:


When your search likely only has one answer -- "what’s the weather", for example, or "who is married to Channing Tatum" -- Google will surface a Knowledge Graph: a box that pulls the answer to your query directly from an organic result and into a box at the top of the page.

Google SERP Tools




Price: Free



Price: $29/month


It’s good to know how you rank both nationally and locally for keywords, but it’s undoubtedly more helpful to get actionable data and insights on how to improve. Moz Pro offers strategic advice on ranking higher, a major benefit to the tool. It also crawls your own site code to find technical issues, which will help search engines understand your site and help you rank higher.

Price: $99/month


If you’re an SEO expert in charge of handling clients' rankings, SerpBook is a useful organizational tool for assigning groups of keywords to individual clients, scheduling which reports you want sent to which clients, and enabling clients to log into your account and check their ratings.

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5。Moz Local

61%的本地搜索通过购买,重要的是要确保您的业务对本地SEO进行优化。MOZ本地冲浪将包括Google和Facebook在内的15个来源,以查看您的业务在本地的排名。与Moz Pro类似,Moz Local提供了可行的建议,以解决不完整或不一致的列表。

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SerpWatcher is an easy all-in-one dashboard that delivers an overview of your SERP performance. Even better, you can create a list of custom keywords and track data on those alone, so you’re not overwhelmed by data you’re not interested in. SerpWatcher handily emails you whenever your keywords enter or leave page one of search engines.

价格:$ 29.90/月

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