Sometimes, you might find yourself pursuing something that doesn't materialize — no matter how badly you want it to or how hard you try.

Not every minor league baseball player makes it to the MLB. Plenty of scientists dedicate a significant portion of their careers studying a potential chemical reaction — only to find it's not actually possible.

在某些情况下,您10年级英语课的Natalie可能会说"no"when you ask her to homecoming even though you bought her flowersandgot her chocolatesand用那个画了她的车窗窗漆这比您想象的要贵and问她在一群人面前and播放那首歌“天使的嘴唇”by Hinder on a boombox while you did it.

不,并非一切都应该成为。这是一种普遍现象 - 企业并非免除。有时,客户和交易您追求的交易不会淘汰。但是,如果您可以领先该怎么办?如果有办法资格您的潜在客户so you know in advance which ones aren't the best fit for the services you offer?

好吧,一种称为a的工具client intake formcan serve that purpose. Here, you'll learn more about what that kind of document is, see what should be on the one you create, and get a template for one your business can use.

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Client intake forms are used by a variety of organizations and individual contractors — spanning several industries and practices. Doctors, law firms, accountants, and virtually any other kind of company or businessperson that deals with clients can leverage these kinds of documents.



You can waste很多能源进行研究,电话屏幕和电子邮件推广试图追逐最终缺乏对您服务的兴趣或不需要您的服务的潜在客户。

That's where client intake forms come in. These documents can weed out potential clients who might not be a good fit, straight off the bat — saving you considerable time, effort, and resources.

Client Intake Form Template

If you're short on time and need one of these forms quickly, here's a free client intake form template from HubSpot that your business can use to screen new clients.


Download the Template Here


You can't have a client intake form without covering the basics. Contact and company information is key for keeping records and being able to reliably reference these documents down the line.


2. A Description of What the Client Makes or Does

Once you've covered the basics, you can start to get into the meat of the intake form. With this, you let your client describe their brand and its main products or services. This information can offer you a lot of telling insight that can help you understand whether a client is right for your agency.

Let他们告诉你他们所做的事情——从perspec听到它tive. How they describe their product or service can give you a better picture of how他们view their company identity and a clearer understanding of how you should approach your relationship with them.


3. The Challenges the Client Currently Faces




4. The Client's Goals

Like the point above, this section will tell you a lot about the place your agency can have in your potential client's future and operations. Your client's goals provide the most definitive picture of the hopes and expectations they'll bring to your professional relationship.

They can show you how viable a working partnership between your agency and their organization is. If they describe lofty, way-too-out-there ambitions that you won't be able to deliver on in this section, you'll know you have to have a frank conversation about what your agency can realistically do for them.

5. Budget Information

This might be the most important point to consider on this list. It underscores almost every other section addressed here. If a company's budget isn't sufficient, then you won't be able to do much for its challenges, goals, and vision.

It might go without saying, but clients need to be able to afford your services. If the budget they provide in this section isn't where it needs to be, you'll have to have a conversation to see if they're willing to bump that figure up.


6. Competitors

This section often serves as a starting point for shaping the way you serve this client. It gives you some valuable reference points for understanding how the company in question operates. With this information, you know where to look to see how companies in the potential client's space function.

You can see the strategies their competitors are employing and determine whether your agency can leverage those tactics. If you check out a potential client's competitors and see that their operations are totally foreign to your services, you might decide that their company isn't a good fit for you.

7. Room for Any Information or Questions That Might Not Have Been Covered

What else do your potential clients need you to know? Do they have any relevant information that you didn't ask for? And beyond that, is there anything else they'd like to know from you? This point can start those conversations — it's general enough to fill in any cracks that the previous sections might have left.

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sales qualification

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