According to theCustomer Service Report 2021by LiveChat, the average customer satisfaction score dropped by more than 2% in 2020 compared to 2018.

我不想担心您,但该报告基于来自代表30个行业的25,000多家公司的数据在线聊天and tickets for customer service and sales. All in all, we've analyzed data from 594 million chats and 18 million tickets, so I think we can trust the outcome.

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Let's take a deeper dive into each of these customer satisfaction metrics to understand what they are, what they measure, and how to make decisions with the data.


1. Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score, orNPS®, is a very popular metric that's used to measure customer satisfaction. That's because NPS is a simple, one-question survey that provides your business with both quantitative and qualitative data about the customer's experience with your brand. Having both types of data wrapped into one metric makes it easier for businesses to categorize and identify specific trends in customer reviews.


2. Customer Satisfaction Score

客户满意度得分(CSAT)是您的企业可以用来确定客户满意度的另一项调查。与NP相似,客户满意度分数要求客户对自己的经验进行评分,但是CSAT专注于特定产品,服务或customer interaction.

Customer satisfaction score is one of the most fundamental surveys used to measure customer satisfaction. Unlike NPS, businesses can ask customers multiple questions, each regarding different aspects of the customer experience. This makes it easier for your company toobtain customer feedbackabout specific features of your product or service.

3. Customer Effort Score

客户努力得分(CES)是一项调查,该调查确定了您的产品和服务的用户友好程度。这些调查通常是一个疑问提示,这些提示是在客户执行操作后立即显示的。例如,电子商务网站可能会询问客户在网站上购买和购买刚购买的商品有多么困难。这样,您的企业可以消除任何可能阻碍的障碍customer's journey.

Customer Effort Scores are valuable because they give your company immediate feedback regarding the usability of a product or service. Many customers who are having trouble using your product will be reluctant to provide feedback that specifically addresses their pain points. Instead, they'll give up and cancel their subscription without ever telling you why, or they'll say your product is too confusing. Since customer effort scores are proactive, you can reach out to these customers and correct usability issues before people begin to churn.

4. Customer Health Score


Not only does the color code make it easier for your employees to spot unhappy customers, but it also highlights people who may present a financial opportunity. The customers who are marked yellow represent a chance for your company to provide added value to their experience. Marketing, sales, and customer service teams can target these customers and provide offers that improve their opinion of your business. If successful, these customers can be converted into客户拥护者who will refer your company to other potential leads.

5. Abandonment Rate

Abandonment rate is the percentage of customers who terminated an interaction with your company before an action or request was completed. Depending on your business and the services you offer, abandonment rates can measure a few different aspects of your company. For example, most companies that have acall centerwill measure the abandonment rate for customer service calls. If your company has an ecommerce site, you can measure the abandonment rate of shopping carts on your online store.

放弃率使您可以很好地了解客户对与您的业务互动的满意程度,而不论他们使用的产品或服务如何。通过比较业务不同组成部分的放弃率,您可以确定是否提供一致的,omni-channel experience为您的客户。如果您的费率很高,您可以确定客户确切地下车的位置,并删除可能阻止其成功的所有障碍。

客户公司的原因tisfaction Metrics Are Down

In 2020, businesses experienced a 36% increase in chat demand in comparison to 2019's numbers. This means that for every 100 customers contacting these companies, there are now an additional 36 customers requesting live chat assistance every month. If your team isn't prepared for the influx of customers requesting live assistance, you could experience low customer satisfaction metrics.

You can work with the existing resources on your team to not onlymeasure customer satisfactionbut improve your customer service, too. Read on to find out how.


People might think they can do several tasks at the same time, but can they do them all effectively? Not usually.

Let's say you're talking or live chatting with one customer — Ben. You dove into his case and you were eager to resolve it as soon as possible. But then, along comes another customer — Kate — and she really needs to know if you can send her an invoice for your product ASAP. The best thing you can do in this situation is to take a break from Ben's case to answer Kate: "Hi Kate, Yes I can do it for you. Give me a moment so I can download the invoice for you." You then go back to Ben, but in the meantime, you also download Kate's invoice.

Why is it so important to answer Kate so quickly?First response time对于建立信任而不是过度利用客户的耐心非常重要。这是有助于客户整体体验的第一步。

2. You can't solve cases in one interaction.

One of the most successful industries surveyed inLiveChat's reportwere tech companies: software, web hosting, and IT companies achieved 81.2% customer satisfaction — higher than the global average of 79.7%.

What's interesting is that these businesses have some of thelongest average resolution times— an average of 436 hours to be exact. Looking at their happy customers, it's clear that the length of time it takes to solve a customer's problem doesn't impact overall satisfaction — if you manage to solve the case in one go.LiveChat的平均票务时间

That's an important fact that deserves highlighting. For a long time, customer service team members believed that a quick handle time made customers happy — but the data proves something else.

If the first response time is quick, and the bond between the rep and the customer is created, then when the case is solved, it won't really matter that it took a little longer. The result is that a customer is satisfied with your service.


A lot of customer support teams start hiring more reps when things start picking up — and when more customer tickets are coming in. But that isn't always the right approach to hiring to meet customer demand.

该策略可以在短期内发挥作用,但是当您的组织达到超增长阶段时 - 当您迅速获取新客户并对客户支持团队无法跟上的产品或服务进行更改时 - 您'当没有足够的代表满足需求时,请看到客户流失的增加。

相反,您应该计划在需求风暴到来之前扩展团队 -使用此公式to figure out exactly how many reps you need.


4. Your customers' needs are changing.

You might experience issues with customer satisfaction if your customers' needs are changing faster than your business can solve them. This isn't an ideal situation for any company to be in, and the best approach is to beproactive in your customer service. Meet your customers where they are and listen to them.

Focus groups are a great way to start this process. You can uncover the reason why your company is performing poorly on particular metrics and get ideas from the customers themselves on how to improve them.

5. Your flywheel isn't spinning.

飞轮模型is a concept that describes the momentum your business will gain when your entire company is aligned around the customer experience. There are three parts to the flywheel: attracting customers, engaging them, and finally, delighting them. When all three of these pieces are in motion, you'll notice great improvements in your customer satisfaction metrics.

To get your flywheel spinning, take a look around your company. Are your marketing, sales, and service teams aligned and focused on the customer? Where might the customer experience the most friction when they do business with you? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you solve for the customer and delight them during every interaction.

Now that you understand the customer satisfaction metrics, you might be wondering, "How exactly do I collect the data?" Well, there are a variety of ways you can measure customer satisfaction metrics to see if your efforts are actually fulfilling the needs of your customers. Take a look at the next section for some examples of how a couple of businesses keep an eye on these metrics.



Look no further for a great example of customer satisfaction metrics than The Hustle's newsletter. Each newsletter includes a section at the end asking for feedback on the content. When the user clicks an option, they're prompted to share more about their experience. The Hustle's team can then review the responses and measure how satisfied their readers are.

The metrics measured in this example are customer satisfaction score and customer health score.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics Example: The Hustle

2.Care Station Medical Group


In the example below, Care Station Medical Group sent this patient a survey to complete. The survey measures several customer satisfaction metrics like the customer effort score and net promoter score.


These metrics should provide you with a complete picture of customer satisfaction at your business. And, if you can come up with the right strategy that provides effective customer service, you will significantly improve customer satisfaction.

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