When I'm preparing to make a big decision — on a new apartment, a different job, or a vacation destination — I usually do two things:

我咨询互联网进行研究,ask my friends and family what they'd recommend.

Recommendations from friends and family and online reviews are incredibly valuable to your customers. In fact,91 percent of peopleregularly or occasionally read online reviews, and84 percent trust online reviews个人建议。

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这点考虑一下吧。该统计数据意味着,即使您做的一切正确 - 从徽标到博客文章再到营销电子邮件主题行 -one customer's bad experience with your brand could cost you new business。实际上,客户更有可能谈论与您的品牌相比,与一个好品牌相比,他们几乎告诉3X as many people当它发生时。

Nowadays, with the help of social media, your customers can quickly share recommendations — and negative reviews — with their entire networks with just the press of a button. This makes collectingcustomer feedbackand identifying headaches a quick process which is not only to prevent bad customer experiences and reviews but also to make your customers so happy that they recommend your brand to friends and family.

This is where the NPS®, or Net Promoter Score, comes in.

NPS是公司用来衡量,评估和提高客户忠诚度的典型基准。NP与其他基准不同,例如customer satisfaction scoreorcustomer effort score,因为它衡量了客户对品牌的总体情绪,而不是他们对奇异互动或购买的看法。

Note:You can also gather NPS results from your employees to understand their satisfaction and happiness working for your company.

To calculate your NPS, you first have to调查您的客户。NPS是“以0到10的规模,您推荐给朋友的可能性?”的典型答案。对这个问题的回答可以分为三组:


Customers who answer the question with 9-10. As you might be able to infer from the names of these groups,promotersare enthusiastic, loyal customers who will tell their friends about your business and bring in new customers.


以7-8回答问题的客户。Passives无动于衷,可能会成为发起人 - 或者他们可以转向您的竞争。


Customers who answer the question with 0-6.批评者是不满意的客户,您不仅有失去他们的风险,而且他们还可以通过与他人分享他们的不良经历对您的品牌造成损害。

To calculate Net Promoter Score,减去批评者的百分比(客户wouldn'trecommend you) from the percentage of promoters (customers whowouldrecommend you).



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The key to achieving a high NPS is having a greater number of promoters than detractors — a lot more.

NPSAnalysis: Understanding Your Net Promoter Score

Imagine you surveyed 100 customers. If 40% were detractors and only 50% were promoters, your NPS would be 10 (50% - 40% = 10). But if you surveyed your 100 customers and only 20% were detractors, your NPS score would jump up to 30 — representing a 20% greater chance your customers will recommend you to a friend.

Consistently surveying customers and learning how they talk about your company to friends and family helps identify risks, areas of opportunity, and ways to improve. That's whywe recommend including space for customers to comment and leave qualitative feedbackabout how you can improve. From there, you can source specific customer pain points and ways to improve their experience.

Quantitative feedback is the response to the 0-10 rating question we mentioned above. Qualitative feedback comes from follow-up questions after that rating has been provided. These questions dive deeper into the “why” behind a customer's initialNPSrating。Additionally, you may ask open-ended questions about the customer’s experience with your product or service and the features they use most frequently.

Let's take a look at some examples of theseNPS调查questions you can ask. You'll notice the first three questions relate to the quantitative findings since they're based on a scale of 1-10. The final four survey questions are open-ended and relate back to the qualitative findings, or the "why" behind the ratings given.

Now, let's take a look at why NPS is so important for the success of your business.


1. It measures customer loyalty.

Customer NPS helps brands evaluate客户忠诚度— and the likelihood of them recommending you to a friend. It also helps evaluate the likelihood of customers churning — canceling their subscription or not repurchasing and seeking out a product or service from a different company.

While you want to attract and convert new customers, retaining and empowering existing customers has an even higher ROI. Needless to say, identifying customers at risk of churning is a key aspect of making this possible, and measuring customer NPS over time helps companies do just that.


Changes in the overall NPS give companies an idea of how likely it is the average customer will recommend you to a friend. But changes in the breakdown of scores — between promoters, passives, and detractors — also give customer success teams an indication of which direction the总体NPS是趋势

For example, if the number of detractors decreases and the number of passives increases, that could mean that customer perception is trending positively. But a decrease in promoters and an increase in passives, on the other hand, could indicate a risk of customer churn and negative reviews.

Changes in the customer NPS could be a good indicator — or red flag — of the current state of customer satisfaction — and the potential risk of churn.

Mentionused NPS surveys to cut its churn rate in half — in just two months. Here is the NPS survey they sent out:

Mention NPS survey

Image Source


As you can see in the image below, promoters were offered a discounted upgrade to their product.


Image Source

然后,被动人士获得了延长的免费试用期,并感谢批评者的诚实 - 并询问如何改善事情。

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 10.30.51 AM

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Customers might answer the NPS question with a low score, or even a 0. It's tough when that happens — especially if it happens more than once — but it also presents an opportunity to zero in on customer feedback and make product or service improvements accordingly.


Sure, not all feedback will be helpful — there will always be trolls on the internet — but specific notes about bugs, poor user experience (UX), or a bad call with a customer success manager could be quickly routed to the responsible team to address.



Customer NPS gives companies an idea of how likely they are to earn recommendations from happy customers — which, as it turns out, carry a lot of weight.

  • Consumers who rate a company’s service as “good” are38% more likelyto recommend that company.
  • Nearly 70%如果朋友在社交媒体或电子邮件中谈论它,则更有可能购买产品。
  • 推荐客户有一个16% higher lifetime value— and greater ROI — than others.

Companies can harness the power of referral marketing by asking for customer case studies, testimonials, and online reviews to tempt potential new customers. And brand ambassador and incentive programs can, in turn, reward customer loyalty with gift cards, swag, or discounts.

Referral marketing can be a symbiotic arrangement between brands and customers, but you need to make sure you have happy customers first, and NPS results can help identify those happy customers.



NPS分析:Airbnb重新预订数据Image Source


批评者是NPS调查受访者在0-6分之间的受访者,表明他们可能很可能不是be willing to recommend your product or service to others. And just as investing in your promoters can offer dividends for your company's growth, focusing on detractors is important, too.

当您收到NPS结果时,将答复分为三类,并分析原因whyrespondents chose their answers. It's important to follow up with your valued customers, but particularly if they flag a problem or issue they're having using your product or service.

这可能是误解或用户错误的问题,或者可能是您一个人无法解决的更大规模的抱怨,但是通过跟进批评者,您可以使他们感到被听到和重视,并且可能会使它们的可能性降低了搅动 - 或更糟糕的是,告诉其他人他们不应该向您购买。

Here at HubSpot, we've built a Slackbot that pulls in NPS responses and details into a Slack channel that automatically tag's the customer's point of contact, so they can respond to feedback as it comes in, and collaborate with people on the product, customer support, and customer success teams to work collaboratively to solve the issue:


Use NPS to Grow Better

一旦你分析NPS数据and (hopefully) find many happy promoters, don't stop there. Open up a dialogue with happy customers and see if you can engage them in a referral program to keep them satisfied — and acquire more customers in the process.

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