To determine what causes employees to leave — and to create a better, happier employee experience moving forward — it's critical you conduct productive exit interviews.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about exit interviews, plus the best questions you should ask. We’ll also go over an exit interview form template that you can copy and paste into a document and reuse for future interviews.

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The purpose of exit interviews is to get valuable insight from employees who are leaving your company. When conducted correctly, these interviews tell you what, if anything, could improve about yourcompany culture。然后,您将能够改善前进的前进,并大大减少员工流动。



Undoubtedly, a high turnover rate can hurt your company financially. Additionally, a high turnover rate can lead toless productive teams, and lower employee morale overall.

幸运的是,您可以通过使用降低流动率feedback you get from exit interviews. Many employees who are leaving can help you determine areas for improvement and provide valuable feedback. Additionally, it can be helpful to identify consistent patterns of discontent to figure out larger organizational issues.

For instance, let's say you hire a new marketing director, and a year later, you see a severe increase in turnover rates. Out of 15 employees, only seven from the prior year remain. Undoubtedly, this change impacts your team's productivity and morale, and leave you nervous about the future of your department.



您还将改善士气,因为您会向员工展示您关心他们的经历。您不仅要让人们离开 - 您想知道为什么他们要离开并阻止其他人做同样的事情。